Entry #3

Doodle's 5second animation coming soon!

2012-08-07 12:33:42 by doodle-bread14

My 5second animation called "Cookiz" is coming soon! 1/4 done, I just need to create symbols and other shitty boring stuff. Need a voice actor to say only one line. PM me if you're interested.
Not posting screenshots. >:D


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2012-08-07 16:40:59

Da brate :D

doodle-bread14 responds:

ma gde si brate?! gde zivis brate? kako si, brate? XD


2012-08-07 18:02:10

Ma evo me brate :D U Novom Sadu brate :'D Ma super sam, brate :"D

doodle-bread14 responds:

u bogte, brate :D ljudi ne znaju sta pricamo brate :D


2012-08-07 18:51:50

Ma ko ih jebe brate, bitno je da se mi razumemo brate :D

doodle-bread14 responds:

ajd', bolje da razgovaramo putem privatnih poruka, brate :D


2012-08-10 13:46:55

A 5 second animation called Cookiz? thats gay.

doodle-bread14 responds:

a 5 second animation called "gays" is more gay.